The Greenwood's Story.

The name Greenwood’s Home came from a photograph I discovered in my grandmother’s house – it was of my grandfather Tommy Greenwood, who sadly passed away before I was born, standing outside his father’s shop in Yorkshire. A painter and decorator by trade, Grandpa ran the family business from his village shop selling homewares and garden tools. When I began my interiors business I wanted to carry on our family name and create my own Greenwood’s story.

Hi, I’m Sarah – the work boots behind Greenwood’s Home.

We are not led by design trends but what is right for our clients. I work closely with each of our clients to create a look and feel for their home that reflects them, their family and their lifestyle.

Before we even begin the creative process we will sit down together with a coffee so we can get to know you, understand your lifestyle, what you and your family do, what you love and don’t love about your home.

Your home is a reflection of who you are and it is our job to make it the best it can be, a place that is comfortable that you can feel proud to share with family and friends.

The studio is on Brisbane’s northside with a lovely garden outlook, we share the space with Frankie our resident studio pup.

The most important outcome of any project is to create a look and feel for your home that reflects you, your family and your lifestyle.

Would you like to see what we can do for you?

If you would like to chat more about your project we would love to hear from you so please send Sarah a message below or call or email and we can go from there.

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